Trick or Treat

  Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays as a child. I never did go to any kind of Halloween parties, excluding the occasional junior high Halloween dance/carnival. I just done what most of the otter kids were doing, which was simply trick or treating. After finding information about how the Y’s around the nation help kids celebrate Halloween, I wish I would have done a little more than just trick or treating. While researching different YMCA’s and the Halloween festivities that they are all a part of, I came across an establishment that amazed me. So, I guess you can say the Halloween celebration award of the year goes to the YMCA’s of the Fox Cities in Wisconsin. I never knew that the Y put so much effort into Halloween celebrations for families and children. The Y’s of the Fox Cities include Apple Creek, Appleton, Fox West, Heart of the Valley and Neenah-Menasha. So, lets take a look at what these amazing organizations are doing for Halloween. The festivities began on Saturday, Oct. 16 and they will come to an end on Saturday, Oct. 30. They started things off at the Apple Creek YMCA by holding a traditional Halloween party consisting of costumes and refreshments. Some other activities taking place is the 17th annual Great Pumpkin Splash, the 8th annual Freaky Friday Halloween Party and the 5th annual Freaky 5K Run/Walk.   If I could go back in time, I would say the Great Pumpkin Splash would be my favorite activity. It just sounds like the most fun to me because there are prozes and give-aways. Plus, you get to swim while picking a pumpkin for your prize. Anything that involves swimming is always fun. After that, the party migrates to the gym where there is an inflatable obstacle course. That just sounds like a great time to me. If only I would have known about this stuff as a child.
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 I love this post. It reminds me of when I was a child because I was always outside jumping on the trampoline. Of course, as a child I was just doing it for the fun of it and never really thought of it as exercise. But, I absolutely agree with you on the fact that it is a great workout. It’s obvious because now if i was to get on a trampoline, after the third jump I would probably be gasping for air because I am not in the shape I was when I was younger. I enjoyed reading this post and I think it has a lot of valuable information.


I like this. You must truly have a great amount of will power to be able to overcome this issue. I know what you mean when you say the smoke from Burger King makes you want a burger immediately. As a matter of fact, when I read that it kind of made me want one. It’s amazing how powerful our senses are. I am not too bad at the moment when it comes to eating everything I can smell, but I could easily become bad about it. I think this information is great and I think that I am going to try to apply it in certain situations.


I am glad I read this. I used to be in really good shape and I played basketball every day. I injured my knee awhile back and because of that, I haven’t been able to do much lately. The last time I went to the gym I kept getting really dizzy. I thought it was probably just because I was way out of shape. I normally don’t drink much water, but I am going to try and drink only water this week and then go back to the gym on Friday. Thanks for the info.


There is some great information here. However, I have tried to lose 1-2 lbs per week before and it’s hard for me to because I have to wait so long to see any results. Plus, it seems like when I try to do this I gain two lbs for every pound lost. I don’t know why that is, but it is just hard for me to be patient when it comes to losing weight. I agree with you on this info though. I could see this really workin for people that have a little more patience than I do when it comes to losing weight.


I agree with you on this post. It makes me feel good when someone else encourages me when I am doing something, but in the end it always effects me negatively because I then feel like I have reached success and I tend to slack off from there. I know people mean well by encouraging me and cheering me on in whatever it is I may be doing, but sometimes part of me wishes they wouldn’t. It’s not because I don’t appreciate the encouragement, it is just hard for me to stick to something once someone starts to cheer me on. Also, I always tell people my diet plans and I never stick to them. After reading this, I am just going to keep them to myself and see what happens.


I know about these irritating shin splints. I am not completely sure of what causes them, but a friend once told me it is from your body not being used to extra weight that you aquire over a period of time when you don’t exercise. That is weird that you only have it in one leg though. It seems like I get shin splints much more often if I go jogging outside on a road as opposed to inside of a gym. I’m not sure why this is, but I would kind of like to know.


Good luck on all of this. By the way, I like the term “yo-yo dieting.” I have a problem with this myself and it is extremely irritating. I definately agree with you on the fact that diets suck horribly bad. Another thing that gets me is the latenight snacking. It is one of the worst things a person can do because the body then stores the food as fat. What detox program are you using exactly? I tried to use one and it didn’t work at all.


I prefer cold weather workouts as well. I sweat extremely bad in general. This makes summer workouts absolutely miserable. I get really aggravated when sweat is just pouring down my face. Plus, when it is cold outside, I like to get in the hot tub after a long workout. It is very relaxing.Obviously, you can’t really do that in the summer time becuse it is way too hot for a hot tub. I am right there with you in preferring to workout in cold weather. I know exactly what you mean when you say it feels like you are immune to pain and fatigue.


This post is full of really valuable information. I have used swinmming as a means of exercise many of times and I was wondering if you were going to mention anything about the whole whirpool technique. That has always worked really well for me. One would think that after one or two laps of going the opposite way of the flow of water, the resistance would become weaker. But that is not the case. After getting the whirpool to start, it seems as though it last forever.I really feel like this is one of the best exercise techniques.


I agree with you. I think tennis would be a wonderful way to cut some weight. I haven’t played in forever and it really sounds like a good time. I am one of those people who has trouble getting out and running because it isn’t fun to me. I would rather lose weight and burn calories by playing a sport. Normally, I play basketball, but I think I am going to give tennis a try. It is weird though because one wouldn’t normally think that a person could burn so many calories playing tennis. Those thoughts change when that person plays tennis for the first time though. I know they changed for me.

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Jogging Into the 19th Century

Smog filled the skies and workers filled the factories. England was in the midst of its industrial revolution. Life was, to say the least, tough. One man, due to the troubled lives of many people, decided he was going to create a Bible study refuge for those who needed to get away from  the cruel world for awhile. George Williams established the first YMCA in England in 1844. Who would have thought that it would become what it is today all across our nation?

Inspired by the first Y, Thomas Valentine Sullivan created the first U.S. Y in Boston in 1855. So, I guess we can consider him the father of our U.S. YMCA organization.

More and more people were being inspired by this idea of creating a safe getaway. A freed African-American slave decided that he was going to be marked down in the history books as one of the pioneers of the Y, so he established the first Y for African-Americans in Washington D.C.  in 1853.  As time went on, the Y kept growing  in size and activities. In 1856, the first student Y was established at Cumberland University and shortly after in the 6os, the Y started providing affordable housing for those who needed off of the streets. But you might wonder when exercising became part of the Y’s activities. Perhaps, exercise might be the most popular activity associated with the Y and it was introduced in 1881 when Boston YMCA staffer Robert J. Roberts coined the term “body building” and developed exercise classes that evolved  into what our exercise classes are based on today. Although the first YMCA buildings built with gymnasiums were opened in 1869, the actual exercise classes didn’t come until roughly 10 years later. It’s interesting to track the Y and see how it became one of the most popular non-profit organizations in the world.

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Promoting Health Across America

The Stillwater Y is a link in a natiowide chain that is constantly promoting a healthy lifestyle and working to prevent obesity and other related chronic diseases. For those of you around the Stillwater area that are not familiar with what exactly the Y is or what the entire organization is about, you will be impressed.

The Y’s effort to promote a healthy lifestyle across America is phenomenal. For example, the Y in Houston, Texas created a free 10-week, after-school weight management course where overweight children, and their families, learn how to develop behaviors that support healthylifestyles.

In Wyckoff, New Jersey, the Wyckoff FamilyYMCA is helping the elderly stray away from the sterotypical pictures of hot coffee and bingo. The Y  did this by dedicating a room full of computers, televisions, billiards, chess and much more to the “young at heart” in an effort to help them stay a little more active. 

It is not just a healthy body that the Y is concerned about though. The mind and spirit is just as important and all across the nation, different Y’s are making sure people know this. The YMCA in Jersey Shore has developed a program for kids called the “Brick House.” This program is basically an after-school program that consists of youth dances, movie nights, concerts and much more.

Another important issue for the YMCAs across America is youth development. The Mid-Delmarva YMCA in Salisbury, Maryland believes that their commitment to the youth keeps 50 to 100 kids in every day. If one has financial trouble, he or she is allowed to work for the Y and recieve money from some of its fundraisers.

So, I hope that this helps you get a better grasp on what the Y is all about. Anyone can go in and read its mission statement, but this is its statement in action.

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The Y is one of those places people can turn to in an attempt to create a healthy mind, body and soul. I have seen the advantages of joining a program or organization like this and it is worth paying the fees. I don’t know how many people out there are like me on this, but it is hard for me to work out or exercise at home. The people and the atmosphere at the Y provide me with the motivation that I need to keep a steady exercise agenda. My Y is in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I don’t go there as much as I should, but when I do go, it’s hard for me to leave. The Y has a large variety of exercise activities available. This is what really makes exercising fun. The Y has everything fom aquatic aerobics to regular workout equipment. It also has many programs available like Operation Weight Loss that help push people in a healthy direction. Operation Weight Loss uses motivational guest speakers to help those who want to be fit. The program also gives away prizes and T-shirts to its members. It’s programs like these that teach us and help remind us how important it is to exercise frequently.

The Y made it much easier to shred the 20 lbs that I couldn’t get rid of. I never was real big on exercising until one of my friends told me about the Y and that’s how it all began. Not only did the Y help me lose the weight, but it taught me how to visualize my goals, which is a key component to success, according to Now that the weight is gone, it is good to just go and play a little basketball or jump in the pool at the Y to try to stay in shape.

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